Places to Enjoy Autumn Scenes in Japan

Autumn in Japan can be described as colorful splendor. The leaves of gingko and maple trees turn into rich hues of red and yellow. There’s no better way to appreciate the culture, history, and people of Japan than taking a stroll in some of the most beautiful places in the country. Here are scenic places you can visit while in Japan in autumn:

Imperial Palace gardens, Tokyo—the Tokyo Imperial Palace has some stunningly beautiful gardens that flaunt all of the magnificence of autumn colors right in the heart of the Japan’s bustling capital. Since the Edo period, the Fukiage Garden has been used as the residential area of the imperial family.

Imperial Palace East Garden. | Guilhem Vellut

The East Garden has most of the administrative buildings, the Ninomaru Garden  has all the symbolic trees that represent each prefecture in Japan numbering about 260 trees from 30 varieties, and Kōkyo-gaien to the south of the grounds is the outer garden of the Imperial Palace.

Kinugawa River, Tochigi—a river located in the main island of Honshu. Since Japan’s ancient times, the Kinugawa River has been notorious for its raging floods in the area, but its beauty is nonetheless unquestionable.

Kinugawa River. | ume-y

It runs from the north to the south of the Kantō plain, eventually merging with Tone River. The Kinugawa River is also known for running through the Kinugawa Onsen where you can bathe in the warm mineral-rich water and admire the beautiful fall colors and other natural wonders in the area.

Eikando Temple, Kyoto—the head temple of the Seizan branch of the Pure Land Buddhist sect of Japan. It is famous for its fall foliage, centuries-old structures, and other great cultural treasures.

At the Eikando Temple. | Hideyuki KAMON

The Tahōtō, the temple’s tower, is situated at the highest point of the compound and offers a spectacular view of the amazing scenery.


Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture—an-old town district in the Chubu region. Old buildings line the streets, giving you the impression you have traveled back in time. Promenades are full of spectacular autumn colors.

Leaves in autumn at Hida Takayama. | きうこ

The view from the nearby mountains and the “Higashiyama Walking Course” leading to the Higashiyama Temple Area and Shiroyama Park all make a trip to Hida Takayama a worthwhile visit while in Japan.