Financial Aid

Learn of available financial aid resources for full-time, credit-bearing study in KCP's Japanese language program.

To determine your eligibility and to obtain all necessary forms, check with your home school’s Study Abroad and Financial Aid offices.

Students from non-affiliated universities or colleges should be able to apply their own financial aid to this program as well. We encourage you to discuss this with your home university’s study abroad or international programs department.

Sometimes KCP payment deadlines arrive before the disbursement dates of your university’s financial aid payments. In these cases, many students borrow money from a family member or friend, or put the balance on a credit card and pay it back after the school releases the aid. In other cases, your school may be able to release aid earlier to you so you can meet the KCP payment deadlines.

Students on financial aid can usually defer up to 50 percent of the amount due with a letter from their financial aid office stating the amounts and disbursement dates of the aid. The understanding is that once the aid is distributed to the student, the student will make the payment to KCP.

KCP is not an accredited degree-granting institution, and therefore not eligible to directly offer financial aid. If you are a student at a four-year university (or some two-year colleges), you should be able to transfer aid to this program through the use of a financial aid consortium agreement form. In this case, your home school enters into an agreement with KCP allowing you to continue to receive Federal Student Aid funds while you are abroad, and agrees to accept credits earned at KCP. It’s usually a simple one or two-page agreement. Talk to your study abroad advisor and/or financial aid department to see if your school uses these agreements.

Non-U.S. students are not eligible for financial aid. However, you might check with your school to determine whether alternative financial resources are available for study abroad.

There are several sources of financial aid for you—the aid you’ve already obtained, aid especially for study abroad, scholarships, student loans, personal savings, and parental financial support. In order to receive some of this financial aid, you must apply, of course, and almost always, the aid application process involves deadlines.

For extensive financial resources for study in Japan, see Financial Resources and  Scholarships.


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If you’re considering KCP, just sign up. If you have to, save up for it. It was worth it. I continue to learn the language, I continue to make new friends, I continue to find new, unfamiliar and exciting places and all of this was possible because I made the decision to learn at KCP. I have met some really great people (friends as well as teachers) who have helped me grow as a person. I’m thankful for this time I’ve spent here. It really has gone by too fast but I will forever remember the memories I’ve made here.

—Malia Romar