How does the language placement exam work?

During the orientation (typically a day or two after the program start date/official arrival date), students are tested and placed in a KCP Japanese language level appropriate to their overall skill set.

Students with previous Japanese may find that they are placed in a level that contains material they have already covered.

For example, perhaps your previous language classes stressed speaking and listening, but did not stress grammar or kanji. It could be that you are placed in a level where you will already have an advantage with superior speaking and listening skills. You are placed in the assigned level because it was determined that your overall comprehension of the language material was not sufficient to have passed this level’s objectives. You might quickly review the material and find that you do know some of the material already, but as you work through the material, you will most likely find that you will be introduced to material that will challenge you.

We want students to master strongly the material covered in a specific KCP level before moving ahead to the next higher KCP level.

This link to our Japanese language immersion contains a PDF file, near the bottom, that describes sample work at each level.